Women As a Force of Nature, On Behalf of Nature

Imagine a reforestation revolution ignited by the shared creativity and courage of a global network of millions of women. 

TreeSisters aims to help reforest the tropics within ten years by calling forth the unique gifts, generosity and leadership of women everywhere and focusing it towards that goal. 

Feminine consciousness is the vital ingredient in humanity's evolution into a protector species on behalf of all life. If you know this to be true - then please step in and belong by becoming a treesister...

Are you a treesister?

A treesister is a woman who makes five choices…

  • Facing the world as it is - choosing to stop simply looking away 
  • Opening her heart to womankind - calling us all forth into our full magnificence 
  • Discovering how to feel herself as part of nature, to listen through her body and to follow her instinctual and intuitive knowings as part of the greater intelligence of creation 
  • Responding to nature’s call by giving back through her heartbeat of funding for tropical reforestation every month, whilst reducing her ecological footprint and caring for trees locally 
  • Daring to shine her light, give her gifts, and find ways of serving our shared mission to gather and inspire the global sisterhood to restore our world 

Deep in the Forest…

...there is a whisper that began long ago. It called the women into the mossy wildness to remember who they truly are… to dance with animals and speak with the trees.

As the trees began to disappear one by one, the whisper remained, but the noise of the world was so loud that the women could hardly hear it. And somewhere in the mists of time, many women forgot about the whisper... and so, too, they forgot their true nature.

It’s time for us to remember who we are and why we are here; to stand on the shoulders of our ancestors and protect the natural world that lives and breathes us… to tend to the future we are seeding for those yet to come… and take a stand for the the trees.

When you become a treesister, you are making forest restoration literally part of the air that you breathe. You are adding your energy to the rising tide of love that recognizes our role as restorers and protectors of the web of life. Together we are unleashing a river of generosity that re-greens the face of our world and redefines who we are as a species.

Are you a treesister?

Join us...

Moving from Emergency to Emergence

What do you do when it feels like the sky is falling? When everything that you love is suddenly threatened by an insanity that licks its lips in relishment of coal and fracking, of steroid pumped economic growth and uncapped environmental desecration – when we’re about to turn full throttle towards a future that finally wipes away any illusion of safety, sanity, climate stability or food security…

You rise.

You feel into the heart break and you let it burn.

You feel that burn, and you let its flames throw you up against the walls of your fear, and then you let it blaze through them.

You cry, you roar, you bellow – you let it rip through and unclog your brilliance.

You beg to be unleashed, and you mastermind your own unleashing.

You let your Soul take over – you allow the dismantling of your conditioned collusion with the world views that manage and minimize your magnificence.

You REFUSE to follow the crowd – unless that crowd are screamingly alive and activated on behalf of the life that lives us.

You find every gaze that meets you with ‘I know – I’m awake – I’m here – and I’m ready’ and you say YES.

You demand only your deepest authenticity – the kind that electrifies, illuminates, lays waste to pretense, walks permission, cries loudly, renders shame irrelevant – chooses total, naked truth.

You recognize with every cell of your being that we are being called out of apathy and slumber – to remember and rediscover who and what we really are – living breathing elements of this Earth, fully woven into an intelligence that has evolved for billions of years – with access to that intelligence – with limitless potency if ONLY we would turn inside and reconnect…

You say yes to the gauntlet laid down

You prepare to astonish yourself

And then you Rise

And then you Rise

And then you Rise

And then we Rise

~ by Clare Dubois, Founder of TreeSisters

Our one and only home, Mother Earth, is in a state of emergency. But while there is air in our lungs, there is still hope... and when we join hands and feel the presence of each other, we realize we are not alone. We have been chosen to be here, now. We are wise, wild, and powerful.

Join hands with us by contributing a monthly donation of your choice:

I’m a treesister because...

"Like trees, women grow taller when they are together… the older ones nourish the younger and the younger support the older. In community women and trees are stronger and are able to grow in their diversity and personal uniqueness... Since I made the decision to become a TreeSister, I've watched the organization grow and take root in a sustainable way... They empower women and they provide a map for women to connect back into nature and find the nourishment in community. I am so happy to call myself a TreeSister."

~ Louise Tarrier, United Kingdom

What your contribution will fund and how we replenish you

£10 ($13) = 38 trees per month 

£20 ($26) = 76 trees per month (approx) 

£50 ($65) = 189 trees per month (approx) 

£100 ($130) = 379 trees per month (approx) 

* These amounts are approximate due to fluctuating currency exchange rates

You are restoring mangroves in Madagascar, forest corridors in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil, deforested slopes of Mount Kenya, and replenishing desertified lands of southern India (see Our Trees for more details). 

You are also supporting women through the development of the TreeSisters Femmiversity - our educational platform of nature-based feminine leadership offerings, as well as our multi-platform network of sisterhood, feminine empowerment and culture shifting work.

About the Trees we are Planting

Why the Topics?

The tropical forests are more than 'the lungs' of our world - they are rain creators, weather stabilizers, air cleansers and conditioners for the whole planet. They are our major carbon sinks - absorbing excess atmospheric carbon that otherwise acidifies our oceans. They are the most biodiverse places on Earth in regions housing the poorest populations, facing the worst extremes of climate change. Let’s re-robe them in green.

We have dedicated and experienced planting partners who have been through our careful due diligence process. To read more about our selection process please see our FAQ and Our Trees pages. Our partner projects are currently reforesting in the following areas:


Project GreenHands was created to unite an entire state around spiraling desertification in Tamil Nadu, where many major rivers have already dried up and agricultural failure is peaking as drought hits hard. We are supporting agro-forestry practices that transform lives and landscapes through intercropping to reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, biodiversity and ground water retention while providing income that reduces malnutrition and risk of farmer suicide. The spirit of this project is humbling.


Eden Projects are supporting whole villages to get out of debt and in many cases 'Fish Baron' slavery, by employing them to reforest their land and restore their major estuaries. Though this partnership, we fund mangrove forest regeneration to help these communities rebuild their coastal ecology - providing nurseries for vital dwindling fish stocks, stabilizing soil and providing buffering for rising sea levels and storms. The social and ecological benefits and beauty of this project are amazing.


Kenya has one of the lowest levels of green cover in Africa at just 7%, which makes water scarcity a national problem. We are supporting the International Tree Foundation's 20 Million Tree Campaign to work with farmers, women and school children to reforest the south eastern slope of Mt Kenya, to restore the water catchment areas and gather communities around the rehabilitation of both their forest and their agricultural lands. This is an audacious project that warrants significant support.


Through WeForest, we fund local communities to grow and plant forest corridors that reconnect two major conservation reserves within the fragmented remains of the Atlantic Rainforest. In some areas, only 3% of the forest remains, yet despite the destruction, this remains one of the most biodiverse regions on earth. This project directly supports the migration and protection of endangered species and offers huge potential in terms of carbon sequestration while helping women make a difference ecologically and economically.

Say "Yes, I am a treesister" now:

I’m a treesister because...

"I love climbing trees. I can now climb almost as high as my big sister and that’s sooo much fun. Me and my sister have taught our mother how to climb too. Trees make oxygen. If there were no trees there were no planet Earth. I wish all people would realize that. I get sometimes so afraid when I think: what if people cut all the trees before they understand. I’m a TreeSister because trees are so important."

~ Lumina, 5 years old from Finland

How we will replenish you

When you give to the forests, we give back to you. We offer you a place in which you can experience your natural, sacred, and wild self, as you partner with the Forests on behalf of bringing balance and wholeness back to our planet.

By becoming a TreeSister, you will gain access to our educational online oasis of wisdom which we call the Femmiversity. You will also have the opportunity to come together in sisterhood with our live events and tree-based community activities.

  • Access to teachings, courses, tools and practices, meditations, personal enquiries, interviews, videos and inner journeys
  • Live Seasonal Online Retreats
  • Live New Moon Retreats
  • 50% discounts on our online courses that will sink deep into your bones
  • Support to create your own TreeSisters Grove, where you can connect with local treesisters to reforest your local area

Make giving back to the forests part of the air that you breathe. We need them, and they need us to restore, protect, and nourish them. This is why your membership and generosity matters in so many leafy, winged, multi-legged, moist, and earthy ways.

Thank you, from our hearts for joining hands with us to reforest our planet

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